The Reverend Finds His Way

Coming in 2020

Author Paula F. Winskye


March 27th-31st, 2020. Download ​The Reverend Finds His Calling , the first Tony Wagner mystery, Kindle edition for FREE.

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FBI consultant Tony Wagner, his wife Kelly, & their four children prepare to head home after a camping trip in Montana. While Tony hikes with three of the kids, Kelly & 16-year-old Brett pack.

Two armed carjackers grab Kelly & Brett. When Tony discovers what has happened, he sends the other kids to safety, hides his weapon, & acts passive, seeing it as the best way to protect his wife & son.

The gunmen dump them in unfamiliar wilderness. Unable to follow the road the kidnappers used, Tony sets off through the mountains, determined to lead Kelly & Brett to safety.

Only after accomplishing that can he help track down the criminals.

The 10th installment of the Tony Wagner mystery series.

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The first science fiction mystery from Paula F. Winskye.

Murder at Taurus-A Lunar Enforcement Mystery

Jared Pierce never wanted to go to the moon. After twenty years with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, he thought he would work as a deputy or small town cop.​

But Sequent Mining wanted his wife, Dr. Karen Mason-Pierce, as lead geologist at the Tranquility titanium mine. And she really wanted to go. The Lunar Governing Board offered Jared "an obscene amount" to become chief of Lunar Enforcement.

Three years into the job, he supervises officers at five settlements. They never deal with anything worse than a barroom brawl.

Then an unattended death turns out to be murder.