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Gold Star Lee
"A great read.  A fast-paced story about a girl & her horse, & the challenges they face."---Penny Wolf, author of A Cow Named Sue.
"Dakota, above all things, wants to train & ride her own horse.  ...a story of faith, friendship, & competition.  A great read for anyone who loves all things horses."---Carol Weshenfelder, author of Justin's Question & My Daddy the King is Very Busy.

The first children's novel by Paula F Winskye.
11-year-old Dakota Jackson is heartbroken when her Thoroughbred mare, Canyon Starlet, escapes to join Black Coulee's wild herd.
One disappointment follows another when Dakota realizes that she will grow too tall to live her dream of becoming a jockey.
A year later, when the Jackson family rounds up the wild horses, Star has a beautiful palomino colt.  Dakota chooses to keep him, even though her father says that she can have Star's first purebred foal instead.
She knows that the colt she calls Lee can never be a racehorse like his mother.  Together, they can find something that they will both be able to do.  Dakota hopes that will be barrel racing.  But many barriers stand in the way of that dream.
Available for Kindle & in Paperback.  Coming soon for Nook.
.Violence strikes close to home for park ranger Tony Wagner with the brutal murder of Blake and Jill Fisher. Their teenage daughters, Christi and Terri, have vanished.
Tony finds evidence that the kidnappers took the girls into the mountains rather than leaving by road. Widely scattered signs keep him looking until he finds a clear trail.
FBI agent Wyatt Garret joins Tony as he tracks deep into the Rockies.
The unstable, late spring weather is the least of their problems. And finding the girls is just the beginning.
Tony faces the greatest challenges of his life. And the things he does to survive will change him forever.
Available for Kindle & in Paperback.  Coming soon for Nook.


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